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Before installing a green roof, consider the initial construction investment, maintenance cost, return on investment, and financing options, including grants and tax incentives provided by NYC and other entities.
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Green Roof Tax AbatemenT

A New York City property tax abatement is available for property owners who install a green roof on their buildings. The current program runs through June 30, 2024, and offers $5.23 per square foot of green roof installed in most parts of the City and $15 per square foot in Priority Community Districts.

The City established Priority Districts based on the need for stormwater management and urban heat island reduction benefits that green roofs can offer. The potential for stormwater management benefits was based on the percent of land area within a Combined Sewer Overflow Priority Area designated by the NYC Department of Environmental Protection. The potential for urban heat island reduction was based on the Heat Vulnerability Index developed by the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, characterizing the risk of heat-related mortality based on a suite of socioeconomic and environmental factors.


Use the map below to see what tax abatement rate applies to your Community District, and click on the magnifying glass to enter a specific address.

Learn more about installing a green roof. The map is best viewed on a non-mobile device, View the map in a separate window.

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